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Summer Class - 1998

An Incomplete Education in Accelerator Technology
Monday, August 3 through Friday, August 14, 1998
9:00 - 11:00 AM in Curia II, Wilson Hall

A series of 10 lectures organized by Bill Foster designed to transmit the spirit (and some of the substance) of what it is like to work in accelerators. The target audience are the handful of collider grad students who might come to understand that there is a lot more of a kick in walking down an accelerator tunnel looking at 500 metres of delicate and brutal equipment that they invented, or sitting in the control room watching software they wrote exercise the most powerful accelertors on Earth, than in making tenure and giving talks and leaving the future of high energy physics to others.

Most lectures will consist of a 1-hour talk followed by a 1-hour field trip. This is an excellent time for this since much of the of the Fermilab accelerator complex has its guts laid out on the operating table for upgrades and new construction. The graduation ceremony will consist of an escorted walk around the Tevatron tunnel.
Date Topic Speaker Tour
Monday, Aug. 3 Basic Principles Steve Holmes none
Tuesday, Aug. 4 Linear Beam Optics & Software Tools Shekhar Mishra safety orientation & booster walk-thru
Wednesday, Aug. 5 Longitudinal Phase Space Mike Martens walk-thru by RF group
Thursday, Aug. 6 Magnet Design Principles G. W. Foster magnet factory/MTF/beamline
Friday, Aug. 7 Managing Big Money Projects Dixon Bogert Main Injector
Monday, Aug. 10 Vacuum Systems Gerry Jackson MI-8 weld shop
Tuesday, Aug. 11 Pulsed Power & HV Bill Foster walk-thru by power & kicker group
Wednesday, Aug. 12 Antiprotons Paul Derwent pbar tunnels
Thursday, Aug. 13 Cryogenics Mike McAshan central Helium liquifier
Friday, Aug. 14 Controls Systems Gerry Annala the Tevatron tunnel

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