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7th Annual Fermilab GSA Triathlon

Saturday, August 30, 2008 at 7:30 am

Course Description and Details

The race will start at the Kuhn barn at 7:30 am. All race participants should plan to arrive by 7:00am to check-in, get a number and a starting position. YOU MUST ATTEND THE RACE MEETING IN ORDER TO RACE! The course consists of the following:
  • 800m Swim in the FNAL pool.
  • 20km Bike on an out and back loop on FNAL roads (see below for race route).
  • 5km Run on a great loop course consisting of both paved roads and prairie paths (see below for race route).
Routes are described in more detail below. Check the websites below to see results and pictures from previous years!



The race is FREE and is open to all Fermilab Users and family of Fermilab ID holders!

Registration is open to both individual participants and teams. So if you are only interested in one or two of the legs grab your friends to help out with the other legs. There can be teams of 2 or 3 people. It's going to be a blast and we hope to see you all out there to Swim! Bike! Run!

If you plan on participating please email the listed GSA officer to pre-register.


Even if you aren't feeling like swimming, biking, and running your little heart out on Saturday, you can still participate in the triathlon! We need approximately 12 volunteers to help with timing and traffic control along the race routes. If you're interested in volunteering, email the GSA officer. It's also a good opportunity to cheer on the racers! The racers love the support so come on out and help them get through the event.

Race Details

What you should bring.
  • Swim-wear
  • A Bicycle: Road and Mountain bikes are both acceptable. Aerobars are also okay.
  • A Bicycle Helmet: Approved headgear is REQUIRED anytime you are on your bike during the event.
  • Footwear.
SWIM: The swim will be in the FNAL pool. We will have a lifeguard on duty during the swim. There are 5 lanes in the pool, so participants will be split into starting groups of 5 at check-in time. The swim will consist of 32 lengths of the pool (16 laps or 800 yards).

BIKE: The transition area will be right outside the pool in front of the Kuhn barn. The bike course will be on roads inside Fermilab. Roads will still be open to traffic so participants will need to obey the rules of the road and yield to automobile and pedestrian traffic. Fermilab security and other volunteers will be helping with traffic control at key intersections on the race course. The course will also be marked and maps will be available at the race.

The bike course will be as follows:

  1. Exit transition area on Sauk Rd, turn right at four-way stop onto Batavia Rd.
  2. Right at four-way stop onto Eola Rd.
  3. Straight at three-way stop onto Wilson St.
  4. Left on Road B.
  5. Right at four-way stop onto Road A.
  6. Straight at three-way stop towards Wilson Hall
  7. Right going West around Wilson Hall
  8. Left onto Booster Rd.
  9. Right onto the Main Ring Rd.
  10. Complete one and two thirds loops of Main Ring Rd, exit Main Ring at C0.
  11. Left onto Eola Rd.
  12. Right at four-way stop onto Batavia Rd.
  13. Left at four-way stop onto Sauk Rd. and into the transition area.

RUN: The bicycle portion of the race ends back at Kuhn barn where the bicycle will be given up for a pair of sneakers. The run is on both paved roads and a small path that circles the A.E. Sea. The path is un-even so runners should be prepared for this "off-road" run.

The run course will be as follows:

  1. Right onto Sauk Rd. going North
  2. Right on Neuqua Rd.
  3. Right on Shabona Rd.
  4. Left on Blackhawk Rd.
  5. Right on Blackhawk Rd.
  6. Left onto Batavia Rd. bike path
  7. Cross Batavia Rd to turn right into parking area at top of rise.
  8. South end of parking area, follow trail South.
  9. Follow trail around A.E. Sea turning Right at all intersections
  10. Follow trail towards Anderson Barn and onto Sauk Circle.
  11. Cross Batavia Rd. and turn right onto Batavia Rd. bike path.
  12. Left on Blackhawk Rd.
  13. Left on Che Che Pinqua, return to transition area.

Festivities at the Barn

Even if you aren't feeling like racing Saturday morning, come join in the fun and cheer on those who are racing! The audience will get to see the racers several times during the event so it will be a great chance to cheer and offer encouragement.

We'll also have snacks for racers and spectators alike at the barn. There will also be plenty of water and Gatorade to go around.

In case of rain/thunderstorm

The lifeguard will determine if the weather is too severe to open the pool. If that is the case, the race will be postponed until the weather clears. If the lifeguard will not be available at that time, or the delay lasts longer than a few hours, the race may have to be cancelled.

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to mail the GSA officers.

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