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2nd Annual Fermilab GSA Triathlon

Triathlon Pictures Added

Wednesday, September 3, 2003

Pictures from the triathlon have now been posted. Check them out here.

Triathlon Pictures

Triathlon Update and Results

Monday, August 25, 2003

We had a good turnout of 12 entries (one of which was a 3-person team) for this second annual GSA event. Because of the limited number of lanes in the pool, we had to divide the field into two heats of six athletes each. Our overall winners this year are:

  • First Place Male: Mark Mattson (1:15:17)
  • First Place Female: Lauren Tompkins (1:15:47)
Our champions were awarded $25 gift certificates for a dinner out on the town for their speedy performance.

The GSA would like to thank everyone who participated. We are already looking forward to the third annual event! A special thanks to the Fermilab security officers who provided traffic control for our athletes during the cycling portion of the race and to Chuck Morrison for reviewing and okaying the proposed course. We'd also like to thank Jean Guyer for letting us use the pool.

Listed in the table below are the split times for each participant.
Place Name Number Swim Bike Run Total
1 M Mark Mattson 1 9:33 44:30 21:14 1:15:17
1 W Lauren Tompkins 13 13:09 40:08 22:30 1:15:47
2 W Kristy Kelwaski 620 12:29 41:51 22:22 1:16:42
2 M Dmitri Tsybychev 0 18:25 42:35 19:55 1:20:55
3 M Michael Kirby e 15:46 42:14 24:31 1:22:31
1 TEAM Katie Rosebrough (swim)
Allie Victori (bike)
Angie Webb (run)
18 17:18 47:42 22:09 1:27:09
4 M Clinton Anderson 17 15:18 48:08 24:24 1:27:50
5 M J.J. Schmidt 7 19:00 48:59 21:30 1:29:29
6 M Andy Haas 16 21:34 44:06 25:34 1:31:14
7 M Kasey Vandeberg 11 13:40 51:17 26:55 1:31:52
8 M Gotra 77 17:18 49:43 24:57 1:31:58
9 M James Heinmiller 9 32:54 55:26 31:40 1:59:00

Course Description and Details

Saturday August 23, 2003

The race will start at the Kuhn barn at 9:00am. The course consists of the following:

  • 800m Swim in the FNAL pool.
  • 20km Bike on an out and back loop on FNAL roads.
  • 5km Run on a great loop course consisting of both paved roads and prairie paths.


Registration will be open until 8:30am on Saturday morning. The race is FREE and is open to anyone who wants to participate. If you have friends who want to participate who are NOT Fermilab ID holders, we can get them on a list for access to the site. Email reid@fnal.gov if you have someone you'd like added to that list. I'll be sending this list in on Friday (August 22) afternoon at 2:00pm so please have the names to me by then. This list is also for family members or friends who just want to spectate.

Registration is open to both individual participants and teams of up to three people. So there is no excuse to not participate.

If you plan on participating please email the GSA officers to pre-register. It will also be possible to register for the event on Saturday morning.

Race Details

Download the map of the race route here Here are some other maps, courtesy of Mark Mattson, that show the actual race-course a bit clearer. The numbers on the map correspond to the listed directions on the course What you should bring.
  • Swim-wear
  • A Bicycle: Road and Mountain bikes are both acceptable. Aerobars are also okay.
  • A Bicycle Helmet: Approved headgear is REQUIRED anytime you are on your bike during the event.
  • Footwear.
SWIM: The swim will be in the FNAL pool. We will have a lifeguard on duty during the swim. Depending on the number of participants, the swim will be a mass-start swim. The swim will consist of 32 lengths of the pool (16 laps or 800 yards).

BIKE: The transition area will be right outside the pool in front of the Kuhn barn. The bike course will be on roads inside Fermilab. Roads will still be open to traffic so participants will need to obey the rules of the road and yield to automobile and pedestrian traffic. Fermilab security and other volunteers will be helping with traffic control at key intersections on the race course. The course will also be marked and maps will be available at the race.

The bike course will be as follows:

  1. Exit transition area on Sauk Rd.
  2. Right at four-way stop onto Batavia Rd.
  3. Right at four-way stop onto Eola Rd.
  4. Straight at three-way stop onto Wilson St.
  5. Left on Road B.
  6. Right at four-way stop onto Road A.
  7. Straight at three-way stop towards Wilson Hall
  8. Right going West around Wilson Hall
  9. Left onto Booster Rd.
  10. Right onto the Main Ring Rd.
  11. Exit Main Ring at C0.
  12. Left onto Eola Rd.
  13. Right at four-way stop onto Batavia Rd.
  14. Left at four-way stop onto Sauk Rd. and into the transition area.

RUN: The bicycle portion of the race ends back at Kuhn barn where the bicycle will be given up for a pair of sneakers. The run is on both paved roads and a small path that circles the A.E. Sea. The path is un-even so runners should be prepared for this "off-road" run.

The run course will be as follows:

  1. Right onto Sauk Rd. going North
  2. Right on Neuqua Rd.
  3. Right on Shabona Rd.
  4. Left on Blackhawk Rd.
  5. Right on Blackhawk Rd.
  6. Left onto Batavia Rd. bike path
  7. Between Lakes, cross to the South side of Batavia Rd.
  8. Right into parking area at top of rise.
  9. South end of parking area, follow trail South.
  10. Follow trail around A.E. Sea turning Right at all intersections
  11. Follow trail towards Anderson Barn and onto Sauk Circle.
  12. Cross Batavia Rd. to Finish Line.

Festivities at the Barn

If you aren't feeling like swimming, biking, and running your little heart out on Saturday, come and join the fun anyway and cheer on those who are racing. We'll get to see the racers several times during the event so it will be a great chance to cheer and offer encouragement

We'll also have bagels, fruit, and other snacks for racers and spectators alike at the barn. There will also be plenty of water and gatorade to go around.

Prizes will be awarded to the first male and first female participants. Everyone who participates will also receive some loot to commemorate their participation in the event.

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to mail the GSA officers.

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