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Judy Franz is visiting Fermilab

Judy Franz, the Executive Director of the American Physical Society will visit Fermilab next Wednsday, October 7th.

Judy Franz has always been particularly interested into meeting with students, discussing issues on their progress and development with-in science.

The GSA together with the office of Public Affairs is trying to arrange a "poster hour" on Wednesday afternoon- 1:30 pm thru 3:00 pm at WH 15th south showing Dr. Franz the work of the graduate students here at Fermilab.

Judy Franz helped the New Perspectives 98 organizers get APS endorsement for the graduate student conference.During her visit at Fermilab next week she wants to meet and spend time discussing with graduate students Please volunteer and send mail to Maria if you would/could present a poster. (an NP98 poster or a new one (an overview of your experiment, or of the upgrades, or of the tests you are carrying out on your lab, your analysis...).) And in any case please make sure you are there to meet with Judy Franz.

An address by Dr. Franz to the students will presede or follow the poster hour.
An announcement of the visit and the preliminary agenda is posted here.
The final agenda is here

A few of the many references regarding Dr. Franz and her work follow:

An APS Fellow and chair of the Condensed Matter Division, she has served on the APS Council, Executive Committee, and half-a-dozen other committees, including chair of the Committee on Education and the Committee on the Status of Women in Physics. She has also been President of the American Association of Physics Teachers, and a member of the Governing Board of the American Institute of Physics, the Council of the Association of Women in Science and the Advisory Committee of the NSF Division of Materials Research. (Maybe there's more than one Judy Franz!) Currently, Dr. Franz is Professor of Physics at the University of Alabama. In making the announcement, APS president Burton Richter said the Society "is very gratified and proud that a physicist of Judy Franz's stature, experience and commitment will serve as one of its operating officers. She will join the Treasurer and the Editor- in-Chief at the helm of the Society on or about April 1, 1994."

APS Views, APS Goals by Judy Franz, APS Executive Officer

Judy Franz, Executive Officer, American Physical Society and Professor of Physics, University of Alabama Choices and Successes: Women in Science and Engineering C. What Promotes the Development of Independent Scientists in Academia? March 12-13, 1998 New York City

The APS Division of Condensed Matter Physics (DCMP) and the Division of Material Physics (DMP) celebrated their 50th anniversary at the 1997 March APS meeting in Kansas City, Missouri.
Invited Session--
Report on Improving the Climate for Women in Physics. A panel and open forum with Dr. Judy Franz, Dr. Mildred Dresselhaus, Dr. Bunny Clark, moderated by Dr. Beverly Hartline. Cosponsored by FPS and FED, 3/21/95, 4:30 p.m.

The Hans Bethe prize was officially announced at a Cornell reception on the occasion of Hans's 90th birthday, July 2, 1996. The presentation was made by Judy Franz, Executive Officer of the APS. Hans expressed the hope that the prize would inspire younger people to make progress on problems such as the supernova mechanism and the origin of nuclear saturation.
The source of the above references is The American Physical Society.
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