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Acqua alle Funi
Water to the Ropes
the GSA online journal

Summer 1999

"Acqua alle Funi" is an online journal intended to entertain news and views relevant one way or another to the Fermilab graduate student community. The GSA hopes to receive attention and contributions from the Lab community and particularly from the young high energy physics people.
The first Acqua alle Funi legend dates to 1586 at the erection of the Obelisk in Saint Peter's Square.
"Acqua all Funi" was used as a rallying cry by some of the constructors of the Fermilab accelerator during the moments that preceded its successful operation in 1972. In 1978 a metal sculpture by Fermilab Director R. R. Wilson was erected in the reflecting pond in front of the Wilson Hall. It is a hyperbolic obelisk named "Acqua alle Funi."
March 17, No 1
August 20, No 2

A biweekly magazine published by the Fermilab Office of Public Affairs about work and life at Fermilab

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International Journal of High Energy Physics Covering current developments in high energy physics and related fields worldwide

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Mark you calendar:
GSA/Michael Witherell sponsored party on Aug. 30 , 6:00pm at the Barn. The evening will start with the Director's talk to the students.

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GSA Elections coming up: Nominate your representative

NP99 at October 99 APSNews

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Olds and NewsBites

Proceedings of the Panel Session on Meeting America's Needs for the Scientific and Technological Challenges of the Twenty-First Century Jun, 1999
Science Advisor's Statement on memorial service for Congressman George Brown July 28,1999
Call for Issues Papers: Federal Policy in Support of a National Inovation System Aug 5, 1999
Sept 16 99 AbcNews "Brave New World" with Brian Greene
The GSA 1999-2000 representatives announced

Acqua alle Funi suggests


Alarums and Diversions A lecture on physics by J.D.Jackson
How Martin Luther KIng almost came to Fermilab by Mike Perricone
Thoughts on Authorship on Big Experiments by Henry Frisch
Science and Technology in the 21st Century - The Zuckerman Lecture given by Neal Lane in London England Jun 30, 1999
Cool stuff

Fiber Video and other Aesthetic Science projects by Bill Keays

Star Wars by Representative Rush Holt


Acqua alle Funi Cryptic Crossword by M.C.Kruse
The third puzzle is on the air.


John David Jackson "I bet him [Nick Samios] a bottle of scotch..."
Aug. 1999

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