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Minutes 2000

June 15
The second of quarterly town meetings was held at the User's Center on Thursday, June 15th. Following are minutes from that meeting.

After a hearty mexican dinner the towm meeting began. The GSA reps started by telling the crowd what we've been up to in the last few months. There were 55 students attending the meeting. Following are a list of topics discussed:

GSA Summer School
The summer school topic the GSA is considering is "Physics on the Frontier and in the Future". This would inlcude topics such as Higgs theory and Higgs Searches, B physics, Neutrino physics, Lattice QCD, SUSY, String Theory and Extra Dimensions, and Future Facilities. There were encouraging comments about this topic choice and particular interest in the SUSY class. Please email gsa_officers@fnal.gov for more suggestions or comments. The summer school will be held July 31st-August 1st from 9-12 am every weekday morning.

Health Insurance
The UEC is presently drafting a letter to all faculty advisors who have students stationed at Fermilab with respect to health insurance problems of graduate students stationed at Fermilab. Please see the gsa survey results and minutes from the UEC meeting when the issue was discussed. Also, stay tuned for a copy of the letter which will be sent from the UEC to student's advisors. We will post it soon.

New Perspectives Conference
The GSA explained the structure of the conference. We still have space for posters and talks, sign up NOW if you haven't already. Go to the http://www.fnal.gov/orgs/gsa/np/2000 for more information on posters and talks and on the conferences social events. These will include an excursion into Chicago on Wednesday night and a barbecue outside of the barn on Thursday night.

Educational Outreach
Graduate students have begun to participate in the educational outreach programs provided for by the Education Office (15th Floor). Commitment is minimal while the experience is extremely rewarding for you and for public interest in science in general. It was pointed out that public interest in science is vital for our future funding, this is a great way to get future taxpayers interested in science early on. Please see the GSA's education page for more info on how to get involved. http://www.fnal.gov/orgs/gsa/outreach/.

What to do with our extra $$$$
We have money for one more event this year. There was lots of interest in a subsidized excursion into Chicago, or for another party. Please send all suggestions to gsa_officers@fnal.gov. We will plan the event that gets the most votes.

Other issues raised
Mail problems for students living on site: There was consensus all around that sending/recieving/losing problems with mail at FNAL from both Mail Stop mail and personal mailbox mail are rampant. The GSA reps will bring this up with the UEC immediately.

Thanks and please send any and all comments to us!

Service with a smile :)
Your GSA representatives

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