Users' Executive Committee
Users' Executive Committee
Fermi Research Alliance, LLC

Meetings and Minutes

Minutes of the Sep 11, 2009 UEC Meeting Minutes of the Sep 11, 2009 UEC Meeting

UEC members attending

Ashutosh Kotwal
Mike Hildreth
Ron Moore
Jon Urheim
Todd Adams
Mayly Sanchez
Heather Ray
Dave Schmitz
Tricia Vahle (phone)
William Wester (phone)

UEC Members old and new

Welcome to the newly elected UEC members: Todd Adams, Marj Corcoran, Heather Gerberich, Mayly Sanchez, Dave Schmitz, William Wester

Continuing members: Karen Gibson, Mike Hildreth, Ashutosh Kotwal, Ron Moore, Heather Ray, Jon Urheim, Tricia Vahle

Thank you to the outgoing members: Dan Hooper, Matthew Jones, Kevin Pitts, Lee Sawyer, Mitch Soderberg, Kirsten Tollefson

Report from Amanda Petersen (FNAL Users' Office)

Amanda discussed the travel policy for UEC members.  The Users' Office & International Services is understaffed after Melissa Clayton-Lang left the lab, but Susan Brown was hired in August and is coming up to speed with training, etc.  Their office also now has additional responsibilities that they are implementing.  Amanda also discussed advance planning for our big events (DC trip and Users' Meeting).  The use of drink vouchers were suggested for the Users' Meeting fest in the Barn.

Report from UEC Chair

Ashutosh Kotwal (outgoing chair) gave an overview of the main UEC tasks, subcommittee duties, and responsibilities for the UEC chair.

Asutosh also led a discussion of FNAL holiday party proposed by Young-Kee Kim.  She proposed a pot-luck dinner party for mid-December that would include skits performed by users and lab staff.  We offered suggestions that will be passed on to Young-Kee.

Election of New Chair

Ron Moore was elected UEC chair for 2009-2010.

Survey of Graduate Student Career Paths (Heather Ray)

Based on repeated requests heard on our DC trips, Heather Ray pursued how we can obtain data on the career paths of HEP graduate students.  Heath O'Connell (FNAL Information Resources Manager) is willing to extract data from the FNAL Thesis Database and SPIRES.  Heather requested information from thesis advisors of students graduated over the past 3 years; some mentioned other groups ask for that some information, so what happened to that?  DOE apparently has some data, but no one to analyze it.  Heather will pursue getting that data.

Survey of Computer Support for Small Experiments (Heather Ray)

After a bad experience with setting up computers this summer at FNAL, Heather made an informal survey of "small experiment" spokespersons and found many had similar experiences getting user support from FNAL CD.  The UEC will initiate a discussion about the problems with CD representatives.