Users' Executive Committee
Users' Executive Committee
Fermi Research Alliance, LLC

Meetings and Minutes

Minutes of the 9 Jan. 2009 UEC Meeting

People attending:

Dan Hooper (meeting chair)
Ron Moore
Matthew Jones
Mike Hildreth (video)
Tricia Vahle
John Backusmayes
Steve Holmes
Karen Gibson (video)
Kevin Pitts (video)
Lee Sawyer (video)


Steve Holmes presented the status of Project X, based on a presentation prepared for HEPAP. Slides are available at: http://www.science.doe.gov/hep/files/pdfs/HEPAPNov2008_Rev4Holmes.pdf


Dan Hooper described DC trip planning.

- DC trip will most likely be the week of April 27th.
- A possible DC reception "event" will likely not happen this year.
- The DC trip planning meeting for the USLUO government relations representatives will take place at Fermlab on Saturday Feb 7th, the day after the Feb 6th UEC meeting.
- Karen and Matthew agreed to prepare a one-pager template.


Lee Sawyer described User's Meeting planning developments

- A previously proposed date conflicted with a MINOS collaboration meeting. After discussions with MINOS and CDF, it was decided that the User's Meeting will be held on June 3rd and 4th.
- A possible public speaker would be Neil Tyson. Potential backup choice might be Phil Plait, author of the "bad astronomy blog". Other suggestions are welcome.
- Tricia will prepare a poster


Ron Moore described two quality of life issues:

- Off hour transportation between the village/Wilson Hall/experiments is sometimes problematic for commuters who come to do shifts but have no means of transportation. However, it was explicitly determined that the security services cannot provide transportation. Institutes are encouraged to take transportation issues into account when scheduling shifts.

- Jeanne Koester has recently been hired as a new recreation coordinator. They will try to arrange a contract with an outside firm for running the pool in the summer.


Heather Ray summarized the attempts to organize local visits:

- Typically there have been fewer than a dozen local visits
- Some difficulty was likely caused by the overlap with the holiday season
- Meetings that do not coincide with a congressional recess may be equally effective and could be pursued this spring.

Minutes submitted by Matthew Jones.