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Minutes of the Sept. 23th 2000 Meeting of the Fermilab

Users Executive Committee




Dan Amidei(amidei@umich.edu),

Robin Erbacher(robine@fnal.gov),

Peter Garbincius(garbincius@fnal.gov),

Sally Koutsoliotas(koutslts@bucknell.edu),

Jim Musser(musser@bigbang.astro.indiana.edu),

Larry Nodulman(ljn@fnal.gov),

Vaia Papadimitriou(vaia@fnal.gov),

Roger Rusack(rusack@mnhep.hep.umn.edu),

Rick St. Denis(stdenis@fnal.gov),

Benn Tannenbaum(benn@physics.ucla.edu),

Gordon Watts(gwatts@fnal.gov),

Herman White(hwhite@fnal.gov),

Philip Yager(yager@fnal.gov).

GSA Attendees (1999-2000 GSA):

Florencia Canelli, Bonnie Fleming and Ben Kilminster

New GSA Reps (absent from this meeting): Chris Hays and Daniel Whiteson


Chip Brock, Ken Heller


The Chairman of the 1999-2000 UEC, Dan Amidei, called the meeting to order

at 10:00 am. The main topics of the meeting were introduction and


of the new UEC members, perspectives of departing Chair on the work and

mission of UEC, discussion among all of the UEC organization during the

2000-2001 year, election of new Chair, GSA report and subcommittee reports

on the activities of past year and discussion of a Letter to the Users

concerning Insurance for Postdocs and Students.


Election of new UEC Chair:


Larry Nodulman was elected as the new UEC chair for the year


Congratulations Larry!!


Introduction of new UEC and GSA members:


The new UEC members are: Robin Erbacher, Sally Koutsoliotas, Jim Musser,

Roger Rusack, Rick St. Denis, Benn Tannenbaum and Gordon Watts.

The new GSA members are: Chris Hays and Daniel Whiteson.


We decided to keep the departing members of the 1999-2000 UEC in our


list so that we can benefit of any input they may have on the issues we



There is a procedural issue: Usually we elect six new UEC members every

year. This year we had to elect seven members because one of

continuing the members was unable to participate for a second year. We

discussed ways to now avoid a mode where we elect five members one

year and seven members the year after. After some attempts, we decided

to revisit this issue before the new UEC election.

The GSA has currently only two new members, both from the D0

experiment.The 1999-2000 GSA is trying very hard to find two more new

members, preferably from different experiments so that we have broader

representation. It is discouraging that more students are not

interested in serving on the GSA. Please encourage good students to

do this!



The all electronic election has raised comment and concern about the

completeness of our E-mail mailing lists. We will make it an action

item this fall to insure the completeness of the User E-mail

distribution. Robin and Benn volunteered to help with this effort.

GSA report


Florencia Canelli gave the GSA report and discussed the activities

of the 1999-2000 GSA. These activities included the "New Perspectives"

Conference on June 27-29th, 2000, town meetings for students, the last of

which was on June 15th, 2000, the GSA Accelerator Class that started

on July 20, 2000 and lasts for 10 weeks, the GSA Summer Class that

involved six lectures on HEP subjects of current interest, and several

career workshops. Florencia announced the result of the

elections of the new GSA. We currently have two new members only.

There was a concern expressed that perhaps not all students receive

e-mail from GSA, especially if they are not visiting the Lab frequently.

The E-mail task force will work on the mailing list.

Another very important accomplishement of the GSA is their "Guide to

Life at Fermilab"

which is an impressive 80-page collection of valuable information for new

graduate students and visitors. It can be found at:

http://www.fnal.gov/orgs/gsa/guide2life/guide.html and contains


about Health Insurance, shopping, food stores, restaurants, movie


museums, schools etc. We discussed what is the best place for this

information to be located and who is going to maintain it up to date.

Subcommittee reports


The different UEC subcommittees gave brief reports about their

activities in the past year.

The Outreach and Education subcommittee helped organize FNAL experiment

tours for the public. There were two tours at CDF, one at D0 and one most

recent at MINOS on September 9,2000. They were all succesful and the

feedback from the public very encouraging. There is also a new activity

along these lines organized by Fermilab staff. Every Sunday afternoon, 1

to 3 pm, a couple of scientists are meeting the public on the 15th floor

of Hi-Rise and are ready to answer questions the visitors may have.

The Users meeting was well organized but the participation was

relatively low. We have to find ways to increase participation.

The Washington trip in March was effective. We will coordinate with

Chris Quigg who is the incoming Head of the Division of Particles and

Fields to have a real critical combined mass of the UEC and the DPF

for Washington activities of this coming year. We should also try to

build trust in Congress by building bridges with the local offices of

the representatives of our University districts. It would be good as

well to involve University Officials into the picture and encourage

them to seek support for our field.


The Quality-of-Life subcommittee worked on gym memberships, day-care,

and other attempts to improve the local ambiance. There were efforts

from the "Younger Physicist Issues" subcommittee to help establish

"local" Health coverage for students and postdocs, see below.



Perspectives from the Chair of the 1999-2000 UEC and discussion of

all on the organization of the 2000-2001 UEC. (Dan Amidei-All)


.There is lack of "global community" of FNAL Users. For example

the User's meeting was poorly attended. Should we consider something

different from the one-big-meeting every year model?

.There are issues like housing, guest support, offices for Users,

communication via e-mails and User Web pages that need to be better

handled and in a more organized way.

.The future of the field is problematic. Our support is down during

boom times. We are perceived as another special interest group.

.We need to get together with DPF and invent a strategy that works in


There was a lot of discussion on how to organize ourselves along these


how to engage the community more, how to approach the congressional

representatives, how to decide on the future of the field and get support

for it etc.


Letter to Users concerning Insurance for Postdocs and Students (R. Brock)


Chip discussed the content of a letter that the "Younger Physicist


UEC subcommittee drafted. The letter concerns Health Insurance for


and Postdocs. It was triggered by a survey undertaken by the GSA which

established that a significant fraction of students and postdocs do not


satisfactory "local" Health Insurance. The letter suggests that Fermilab

ID's should be issued to students on a yearly basis and that as part of


ID process, advisors should be explicitly asked to certify coverage for

their students and postdocs in detail. The letter suggests that


health coverage" necessitates local coverage and that advisors should

either be sure there is local coverage, or make it possible for their

students and postdocs to purchase insurance privately. Fermilab

management and the Board of Overseers need to decide just how far to push

on this aspect of coverage and may be they could do some research to find

and may be help negotiate reasonable local insurance rates for Users.

This letter was sent already to Bruce Chrisman and will be sent to all

Users shortly.


The next UEC Meeting is October 7, 2000 and the one after that on November

18, 2000.


Submitted by,


Vaia Papadimitriou -- UEC Secretary