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CAMAC is a Modular Instrumentation and Digital Interface System defined as a standardized instrumentation system for Computer Automated Measurement and Control. The system features a fully specified data highway together with modular functional units that are completely compatible and that are available from diverse sources.

The software available here are divided into two categories:

CAMAC Diagnostics Software

The following are diagnostics written in National Instruments LabVIEW 6i (6.02) for testing various CAMAC modules.  These diagonistics can be used as a guide for writing programs in LabVIEW for CAMAC instrumentation.  The diagnostics are written to use the Jorway 73A SCSI CAMAC controller.  Included for each module are the following: To run the executable programs under Win NT 4.0, the user will need to perform a one-time installation and setup procedure to ensure their system has the necessary hardware and files.  Please read the following CAMAC LabVIEW diagnostics setup information.

CAMAC Controller software

CAMAC hardware and software has been defined by the NIM Committee (National Instrumentation Methods Committee) of the U.S. Department of Energy and the ESONE Committee (European Standards on Nuclear Electronics Committee) of European Laboratories. The software packages that we present here follow the ANSI/IEEE Standard 758-1979. These subroutines have been in use at Fermilab for several years, traditionally with UNIBUS and QBUS computers. The CAMAC product has been implemented to enable re-use of existing hardware and software with the LINUX operating system. Under LINUX the following CAMAC interfaces are supported:
  • sjyLX - Jorway 411 SCSI to Serial and Parallel CAMAC interface and the Jorway Model 73A SCSI Bus CAMAC Crate Controller.
  • lvsjy - Jorway 73A and Jorway 411S Linux LabVIEW libraries

    June 2001