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The Fermilab Software Tools Program (Fermitools) is an effort to provide the internet community with the Fermilab developed software packages that we have found most useful, and that we believe have general value to other application domains. The Fermilab Computing Division is offering this software to the wider community, with the goal of entering into collaboration with interested and committed users in the deployment, joint development, and support of software of mutual benefit.

The Fermitools Program has been in operation for several years now. From the initial offering of five sofware packages, we have added two dozen more. The ftp site shows an average of a few thousands accesses each month, from a wide variety of Internet domains ranging from commercial companies, to education facilities and non-profit organizations, and from the USA to Europe and Australia. A short video is also available, and provides additional information about some of the software packages included in the Program.

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Additional Information

The Computing Division at Fermilab provides a wide variety of additional software products to its user community. This software is tailored to and intended for people associated with the Fermilab physics community. Access is allowed from the fnal.gov domain or by registration.

"Feedback from the users has helped the Fermilab products developers to improve their products", says Paul Lebrun, leader of Physics Analysis Tools group in the Computing Division. Contributions from the users have been added to some of the products and re-distributed to the user community. The developers have found that the small added support load has been a worthwhile trade-off. Some quotes from e-mail received from users:

"Here at NASA Lewis Research Center, a project is nearing completion .... I have been looking for plain line plotting widgets and found the XYPlot widget in Histo-Scope to be quite nice." - J.W.Mitchell, NASA LeRC.

"Using the juke system was a real benefit to SLAC, and I appreciate your making the software available." - B. Weeks, SLAC.

For any questions please contact fermitools_support@fnal.gov
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