Fermilab is implementing an Engineering Data Management System (EDMS) using Teamcenter. The EDMS captures elements of the approved Fermilab engineering process, as described in our Engineering Manual and the associated documents it generates.

The EDMS Teamcenter implementation will be a major advance for Fermilab as it will allow a more consistent and organized approach to engineering data management. With this tool, the days of storing important engineering documents on individual hard drives or on hard to access share volumes are over. Documents, computer-aided design (CAD) models and drawings, specifications and engineering analysis can all be stored in a central repository searchable by our entire technical staff. The embedded work flow capabilities will allow more efficient review of documents as well as electronic signoff. Automatic notification will let people know when there has been a modification to a document or CAD file. This will be a major change in the way we do business but it has the potential to dramatically increase our productivity. The goal is to have all types of engineering data available to our staff and collaborators.

EDMS will improve communication and document-sharing across organizations during the engineering process.

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