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Fermilab Layoffs

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Latest Questions & Answers
Posted on June 16, 2008

Layoff Question?
Many employees will have questions about their individual situations in the event they receive layoff notices. At this stage, Fermilab's Human Resources staff lacks the resources to deal with hypothetical individual cases. (Employees who do receive layoff notices will have individual meetings with human resources and benefits specialists to discuss their specific situations.)
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Q: With the announcement of the planned voluntary layoff program, I understand the number of employees who will be offered the option of volunteering for a layoff will be significantly larger than the population originally targeted by the involuntary layoffs. Will all the positions included in the original involuntary layoff program be offered the option of the voluntary layoff program? In other words, is the involuntary layoff target population a proper subset of the intended voluntary layoff target population?

A: For most people, no package means no layoff. However, there are 199 employees who were not eligible to receive packages because they do not meet the eligibility criteriA: Kay Van Vreede provide a detailed answer in the June 16 issue of Fermilab Today.
(Update to May 28, 2008 posting)

Q: If lots of people receive the voluntary severance package and more than the projected 140 accept this offer, for example, 300 people accept the offer, will all 300 be granted a severance package or just 140?

A: Of the 750 people who were offered the separation package only a maximum of 158 will be accepted. The number is slightly higher than the goal for the involuntary layoff.

Q: With the current problems facing the laboratory, and more layoffs possible in the future, will there be any effort made to have the disparity in severance packages between exempt and nonexempt employees reviewed? Is there an explanation as to why a year of service is treated differently depending on a person's pay classification?

A: The severance schedule the laboratory follows is established by our prime contract with the Department of Energy.

Q: I know there are different phases to complete the voluntary layoff. What is the expected timeframe for each phase?

A: The voluntary phase will wrap up July 3. The involuntary phase, if needed, will follow as soon as approval is received from the Department of Energy.

Q: In what form will continuing employees be notified of the names of those colleagues laid off?

A: Due to privacy issues, no individual names will be published.

Q: I see nothing addressing the adjustments for people with disabilities seeing as not many employers will be likely to hire personnel with restrictions and ongoing medical problems.

A: The laboratory is sensitive to employment issues for the disabled and has always made reasonable accommodations in our workplace. The criteria for this layoff are being carefully determined by the laboratory's need for specific positions and skills going forward as we consider the retention of individual employees.

Q: Before federal and state taxes, social security, etcetera will be deducted from severance pay, will employees have an option to contribute their normal monthly percentage to their retirement accounts from their severance pay?

A: Yes.

Q: Will Fermilab be contributing its share of monthly employee retirement benefits to the employees severance pay?

A: No.

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