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Furloughs at Fermilab

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Latest Furlough Questions & Answers

Answers to questions (updated on April 28, 2008)

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Q: Conventional wisdom tells us that there will be a continuing resolution until well into the next calendar year, perhaps as long as a year from now. This notion was all but confirmed by DOE Under Secretary of Science Raymond Orbach when he visited Fermilab on April 22. If this happens, will there be a continuation of furloughs after October 1?

A: The laboratory has no plans to continue the furloughs past September 30, 2008. As our director has said (see, the upcoming layoffs are necessary to fit into a reduced budget in the future, which includes the anticipation of a long continuing resolution in FY09.

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Pay and Deductions from Pay

Q: I am a weekly (non-exempt) employee. I took a full week off to cover 1 day of the Feb-Mar furlough and 4 days of the Apr-May furlough requirements. I did not receive a pay stub. Is this normal since I did not receive any income?

A: Yes, that is normal. In the case of a full week of furlough, there are no funds to direct deposit so a pay advice is not generated. Instead, the system generates a zero check. Payroll does retain the zero checks. If you would like to receive your zero check please call or visit the Payroll Department during their available office hours.

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