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Furloughs at Fermilab

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Latest Furlough Questions & Answers

Answers to questions (posted on February 6, 2008)

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If an employee being laid off is eligible for retirement, and asks to retire instead, would this action still count towards the 200 people being laid off?

If a person is laid off and he/she meets the retirement eligibility criteria, then that person may retire although he/she will still be considered to be laid off. In the system we classify the person as a RIF retirement. So yes, they would be included in the 200.

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Pay and Deductions from Pay

On paper Monthly Leave Usage sheets, do you want the "FUR" entry made on the Saturday and Sunday of the furlough week in addition to the five workdays?

No, you only need to note "FUR" leave on your normal scheduled work days.

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I am planning to take one week of furlough during July 21-27 and another week of furlough during Aug. 4-10. Since I am a monthly employee who is using FTL, I will have only 10 working days left in August. Does this mean I will loose my benefits like two days of vacation, pension and medical?

No, you will not lose any benefits due to the 11-day rule. The 11-day rule is applied on a calendar month basis. No one will lose benefits due to the 11-day rule as a result of the furlough.

What if an hourly employee is sick for five consecutive days, and he has a planned furlough day on the fourth day. Can he change the furlough day to a sick day?

It depends on if the employee has requested Family Medical Leave (FMLA) in conjunction with the sick leave. If the employee is on an approved FMLA for those 5-days, the employee would take the 5-days of sick time since the FMLA policy requires paid leave to be used prior to any unpaid leave.

If the employee does not apply for FMLA, the employee who becomes ill during a scheduled furlough day cannot change the furlough day to a sick day. Scheduled furlough days count as furlough even if an employee would ordinarily have taken a sick day.

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H1-B Visa Holders

I am a monthly full-time employee on H1-B visa. What will I be starting February 1? Full time or part time? Exempt or nonexempt? Monthly or weekly? Why are H1 Visa holders not treated fairly with respect to other employees? If full-time H1 Visa holders can be reclassified to part-time, why not all employees?

Answers to these and other questions are provided in this pdf file, which was posted following after the town hall meeting on February 1.

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