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This event gives high school-age girls the chance to meet with a scientist or engineer and learn about their career and how it involves physics. To sign up for this event, please email DASTOW.

Christine Ader
Christine Ader is mechanical engineer in the Accelerator Division Mechanical Support Department. She is involved in design work for magnets, stands and related components and has also worked on low-conductivity water and vacuum systems.

Some of her interests include fishing, running, working on cars and archery, which, she says, relates closely to physics because of bow mechanics, arrow flight, gravity, vibration damping, drag, etc.

Elizabeth Freeland
Elizabeth Freeland is a visitor in the theory department working on lattice QCD calculations. She also teaches physics to art students at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has two children ages 4 and 7, with whom she enjoys baking and watching their current favorite movie, Apollo 13.

Debbie Harris
Debbie Harris is a physicist in the Neutrino Department of the Particle Physics Division. She is currently the project manager of the new MINERvA experiment, which will be the most precise microscope ever to look at how neutrinos interact in material. As part of her position, Debbie coordinates with individuals and institutions from around the world who are building different elements of the new detector. She also collaborates with the Department of Energy to ensure funding for the experiment. She enjoys spending time with her two children, ages 5 and 10, and playing mandolin and volleyball.

Anne Lucietto
Anne Lucietto is a Mechanical Engineer in the Facilities Engineering Services Section in Operations-Engineering. Her responsibilities span a large variety of projects including crane maintenance and repair, zebra mussel abatement and predictive maintenance. Anne enjoys singing with the Fermi Singers and is an active member of the Society of Women Engineers.

Ruth Van de Water
Ruth Van de Water is a post-doc in the theory department who works on lattice QCD calculations. She likes sports and going to the Arboretum.

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