Employee Advisory Group

The EAG provides Fermilab senior management with employee perspectives, concerns, insights and suggestions with regard to the development and implementation of new and revised policies that affect the Fermilab workplace.

Suggestions and Questions

Questions and suggestions submitted using this form are anonymous. Only fill out the name and e-mail fields below if you would like a direct answer from an Employee Advisory Group member.

We respect everyone's right to "rant" about something that is important to them, but we also need to ensure that questions and suggestions are written in a way that allows the appropriate person to respond. As such, if you send us a so-called "rant", it will certainly be read, but it most likely is not going to be responded to. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.




Your submission will be added to the EAG sharepoint site in the Employee Feedback to the EAG area. Responses from Fermilab organizations to Employee Suggestions and Questions can also be found on this page. You can set an alert on the sharepoint site to receive email when the suggestions are updated.

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