About the EAG

Employee Advisory Group Members

Steering Committee members are denoted with a "*": this group helps frame discussions and fulfill the committee's administrative tasks.


How does the EAG work?


  • The advisory group consists of employees from throughout the laboratory. Members represent a full range of employee categories and individual demographics.

    EAG meetings

  • Full meetings: once per month for 90 minutes, usually on the fourth Thursday of the month.
  • Mid-Month Meetings (MMM): once per month for one hour, usually the second Thursday of the month. Working group and sub-committee meetings are convened by the working group membes, not necessarily at the mid-month meeting.

    Steering Committee

  • has rotating 18-month membership.
  • meets between the regular EAG meetings with the COO.
  • keeps communication between the EAG and the Directorate
  • helps to craft the agenda for the EAG Meetings
  • Working out mechanisms by which the work of the EAG is accomplished
  • Work to keep continuity and momentum on issues:Keeping track of ongoing topics and action items
  • Manage the process for handling web submissions
  • Receives them first (by design)
  • Reviews them to determine the next appropriate step
  • Keeps track of their status, with the goal of providing a "closed loop" back to submitter
  • Helps lead and focus conversations in the full EAG meetings

    Working groups

  • They are determined by the current projects and long-standing efforts undertaken by the EAG.
  • Current WG's
    • Diversity
    • Food Service
    • Family Leave


  • You can contact EAG members through one of the EAG mailing lists.

    Reports and documents

  • Meeting minutes of the EAG meetings are located in sharepoint. Meeting minutes include links to presentations and documents used or shared at the meeting.
  • Quarterly newsletters will be published to share progress of the EAG.
  • All EAG documents are in sharepoint. This includes information on topics discussed, external resources, etc.
  • The EAG sharepoint site is readable by all people with a Services account, although only the EAG members can update it.

    Suggestions to the EAG

  1. Question/EAG submitted to EAG.
  2. EAG committee discusses the suggestion and researches answers.
  3. Committee provides feedback as soon as an answer is found: if more work is to be done, the response will note that.
  4. If appropriate, EAG commits resources to developing a solution related to the concern at hand.
  5. EAG sub-committees report monthly at mid-month meetings until a resolution is reached for a concern or project.
  6. All Fermilab employees can suggest ideas and ask questions, and all employees are welcome to attend the regular EAG meetings.

Value Statement for the Employee Advisory Group

The purpose of the Employee Advisory Group is to consider and examine existing and proposed lab-wide workplace and workforce initiatives, practices and concerns, and to subsequently make recommendations to senior management.

In fulfilling our purpose, the EAG is committed to shaping, supporting and sustaining an organizational culture that actively seeks out, respects and responds to a diversity of perspectives.

In order to shape and frame this culture, we have defined the set of values which are depicted in the graphic below.

What is a value? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary it is something (as a principle or quality) intrinsically valuable or desirable. According to the Oxford English dictionary it is the principles or standards of a person or society, or the personal or societal judgment of what is valuable and important in life. To the EAG, values are simply the things which we expect to be demonstrated by all employees at all levels because they are inherently important.

Important caveats:

  • This values statement is a culmination of the thoughts of individuals on the EAG, and does not necessarily represent a list of values such that every member buys into each and every value listed.
  • This is a list of desired values, and does not indicate the degree to which these values are experienced / exhibited by each and every member of the EAG.

Values Chart

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