Wildlife - Dragonflies and Damselflies of Fermilab

(Order Odonata)          
Dragonflies Family Common name Systematic name State status % DMN sites
(Suborder Anisoptera)          
  Darners Lance-tipped darner Aeshna constricta S3 16%
  (Aeshnidae} Shadow darner Aeshna umbrosa S4 12%
    Common green darner Anax junius S5 83%
    Comet darner Anax longipes S2 3%
    Swamp darner Epiaeschna heros S4 12%
    Cyrano darner Nasiaeschna pentacantha S4 3%
  Clubtails Jade clubtail Arigomphus submedianus S4 17%
  (Gomphidae) Unicorn clubtail Arigomphus villosipes S2 9%
    Flag-tailed spineyleg Dromogomphus spoliatus S3 3%
  Emerallds Common baskettail Epitheca cynosura S5 38%
  (Corduliidae) Prince baskettail Epitheca princeps S5 30%
  Skimmers Calico pennant Celithemis elisa S5 28%
  (Libellulidae) Halloween pennant Celithemis eponina S5 42%
    Common pondhawk Erythemis simplicicolis S5 69%
    Dot-tailed whiteface Leucorrhinia intacta S3 24%
    Widow skimmer Libellula luctuosa S5 74%
    Twelve-spotted skimmer Libellula pulchella S5 75%
    Blue dasher Pachydiplax longipennis S5 72%
    Wandering glider Pantala flavescens S5 25%
    Spot-winged glider Pantala hymenaea S5 7%
    Eastern amberwing Perithemis tenera S5 61%
    Common whitetail Plathemis lydia S5 72%
    Saffron-winged meadowhawk Sympetrum costiferum S2 2%
    White-face meadowhawk Sympetrum obtrusum S5 38%
    Ruby meadowhawk Sympetrum rubicundulum S5 50%
    Band-winged meadowhawk Sympetrum semicinctum S2.5 24%
    Autumn meadowhawk Sympetrum vicinum S5 34%
    Carolina saddlebags Tramea carolina S4 8%
    Black saddlebags Tramea lacerata S5 67%
    Red-mantled saddlebags Tramea onusta S5 12%
Dragonfly Total = 30          
Damselflies Family Common name Systematic name State status % DMN sites
(Suborder Zygoptera)          
  Broadwings Ebony jewelwing Calopteryx maculata S5 35%
  (Calopterygidae) American rubyspot Hetaerina americana S5 17%
  Spreadwings Southern spreadwing Lestes australis S4 1%
  (Lestidae) Spotted spreadwing Lestes congener S4 5%
    Emerald spreadwing Lestes dryas S3 20%
    Sweetflag spreadwing Lestes forcipatus S4 4%
    Slender spreadwing Lestes rectangularis S5 39%
    Lyre-tipped spreadwing Lestes unguiculatus S4 4%
  Pond damsels Red damsel Amphiagrion abbreviatum S3 2%
  (Coenagrionidae) Blue-fronted dancer Argia apicalis S5 25%
    Violet dancer Argia fumipennis S5 17%
    Powdered dancer Argia moesta S5 12%
    Blue-ringed dancer Argia sedula S2 0%
    Blue-tipped dancer Argia tibialis S5 4%
    River bluet Enallagma anna S2 1%
    Rainbow bluet Enallagma antennatum S3 4%
    Azure bluet Enallagma aspersum S4 7%
    Double-stripped bluet Enallagma basidens S5 7%
    Familiar bluet Enallagma civile S5 54%
    Stream bluet Enallagma exsulans S5 26%
    Skimming bluet Enallagma geminatum S4 19%
    Orange bluet Enallagma signatum S5 28%
    Citrine forktail Ischnura hastata S5 2%
    Fragile forktail Ischnura posita S5 28%
    Eastern forktail Ischnura verticalis S5 76%
    Sedge sprite Nehalennia irene S3 5%
Damselfly Total = 26          
Total Species = 56          

State Status: Based on Illinois State Museum Checklist, last updated February, 2009. Values are: S1, critically imperiled in state, S2, imperiled, S3, rare or uncommon, S4, apparently secure, S5, demonstrably secure.

% DMN Sites: % of monitored sites at which the species was reported by citizen scientists participating in the Dragonfly Monitoring Network of NE Illinois, 2008-2010.