Summary of species observed 2012-2016

  • Males of species shown unless noted otherwise by (F)
  • Females generally less colorful and more difficult to identify
  • Information: Scientific name, Family, Number, Link to Detailed information
  • Number: Number of individuals recorded in Fermilab over 5 years
  • Detailed information: at The Wisconsin Odonata Survey website


Lance-tipped darner ▾

Lance-tipped darner

Shadow darner ▾

Shadow darner

Common green darner ▾

Common green darner

Comet darner ▾

Comet darner

Swamp darner ▾

Swamp darner

Cyrano darner ▾

Cyrano darner

Jade clubtail ▾

Jade clubtail

Unicorn clubtail ▾

Unicorn clubtail

Flag-tailed spinyleg ▾

Flag-tailed spinyleg

Common baskettail ▾

Common baskettail

Prince baskettail ▾

Prince baskettail

Calico pennant ▾

Calico pennant

Halloween pennant ▾

Halloween pennant

Eastern pondhawk ▾

Eastern pondhawk

Eastern pondhawk (F) ▾

Eastern pondhawk

Dot-tailed whiteface ▾

Dot-tailed whiteface

Widow skimmer ▾

Widow skimmer

12-spotted skimmer ▾

12-spotted skimmer

Blue dasher ▾

Blue dasher

Wandering glider ▾

Wandering glider

Spot-winged glider ▾

Spot-winged glider

Eastern amberwing ▾

Eastern amberwing

Common whitetail ▾

Common whitetail

Saffronwinged meadowhawk ▾

Saffron-winged meadowhawk

White-faced meadowhawk ▾

White-faced meadowhawk

Ruby meadowhawk ▾

Ruby meadowhawk

Band-winged meadowhawk ▾

Band-winged meadowhawk

Autumn meadowhawk ▾

Autumn meadowhawk

Carolina saddlebags ▾

Carolina meadowhawk

Black saddlebags ▾

Black saddlebags

Red saddlebags ▾

Red saddlebags


Ebony jewelwing ▾


American rubyspot ▾

American rubyspot

Southern spreadwing ▾

Southern spreadwing

Spotted spreadwing ▾

Spotted spreadwing

Emerald spreadwing ▾

Emerald spreadwing

Sweetflag spreadwing ▾

Sweetflag spreadwing

Slender spreadwing ▾

Slender spreadwing

Lyre-tipped spreadwing ▾

Lyre-tipped spreadwing

Red damsel ▾

Red damsel

Blue-fronted dancer ▾

Blue-fronted dancer

Variable dancer ▾

Variable dancer

Powdered dancer ▾

Powdered dancer

Blue-ringed dancer ▾

Blue-ringed dancer

Blue-tipped dancer ▾

Blue-tipped dancer

River bluet ▾

River bluet

Rainbow bluet ▾

Rainbow bluet

Azure bluet ▾

Azure bluet

Double-stripped bluet ▾

Double-stripped bluet

Familiar bluet ▾

Familiar bluet

Stream bluet ▾

Stream bluet

Skimming bluet ▾

Skimming bluet

Orange bluet ▾

Orange bluet

Citrine forktail ▾

Citrine forktail

Fragile forktail ▾

Fragile forktail

Eastern forktail ▾

Eastern forktail

Sedge sprite ▾

Sedge sprite