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September, 2011 Bird Sightings at Fermilab

Author: Peter Kasper

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Sunday, September 25

Lake Law this morning increased its count of Great Egrets to 15, there was also a Black-crowned Night-Heron flyby. In addition, more than 50 Barn Swallows and a few Tree Swallows were migrating through, later came a smaller group of swallows. A small stand of trees between the lakes was quite active with about 20 of the first Yellow-rumped Warblers of the season, a pair of Downy Woodpeckers, a Cedar Waxwing and a Common Yellowthroat. The western edge of the Big Woods was again a hot spot with Philadelphia Vireo, Red-eyed Vireo, Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Swainson's Thrush, Blackburnian Warbler, American Redstart, Nashville Warbler, Black-throated Green Warbler, Magnolia Warbler, Scarlet Tanager, and Purple Finch. Inside the Main Ring a Belted Kingfisher was perched in a tree along the shore of Lake Logo. The woods was fairly active with one adult and one juvenile Red-headed Woodpecker also were seen Brown Thrasher, Magnolia Warbler, Black-and-white Warbler, Yellow-rumped Warbler, Scarlet Tanager and Eastern Towhee. Finally, Nepese marsh had several Soras all of a sudden vocalize and some Swamp Sparrows. In addition, Denis and his class added Orange-crowned Warbler, Lincoln's Sparrow and Savannah Sparrow found in the Garden Club. Dave

Sunday, September 18

The rainy weather this morning seemed to put a real damper on birding around the Lab. Especially, when the best sighting of the morning was a Skunk rooting around in the grass near the Swenson Road horse pasture. A Green Heron was also sighted in this area. Nepese Marsh produced several Sora's and Marsh Wrens in a light rain. Northern Flicker numbers have increased noticeably over the last week. The American Kestrels from the two confirmed breeding families appear to have dispersed throughout the Lab. One was still in the area of the Osprey nest. Another was at the top of a dead tree near Kautz Road with several Blue-jays and a couple of Northern Flickers. The jays took a couple of passes at the kestrel then landed about two feet away from it. After starring at the jays for several moments the kestrel flew off. Two more American Kestrels were spotted in the area between the two Main Ring Woods. Dave

Wednesday, September 21

The morning started out quite slow with just an Eastern Towhee and Brown Thrasher of note in the Sparrow Hedge area. On the way back the lakes provided a calling Sora, a Pied-billed Grebe, a Black-crowned Night-Heron and seven Great Egrets. Things picked up while birding the western edge of the Big Woods with a Red-eyed Vireo, Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Ovenbird, Blackpoll Warbler, Bay-breasted Warbler, Canada Warbler, and several Tennessee Warblers all traveling with a group of Black-capped Chickadees. The Fire Station Pond area produced Nashville Warblers and more Tennessee Warblers. More good birding was found in the Main Ring Woods with Red-eyed Vireos, a Warbling Vireo, Eastern Bluebirds, an American Redstart, Blackpoll Warbler, Chestnut-sided Warbler, Nashville Warbler, Magnolia Warbler and Black-and-white Warbler. Dave

Thursday, September 15

Four Red-headed Woodpeckers were spotted in the Main Ring Woods today by Bob Lootens. One was also seen on Sunday, September 11, in the same location. Dave

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