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Swenson Road Pond

This small, shallow pond is located at the corner of Eola and Swenson roads. It is fed by a canal which connects Lake Law with the Main Ring cooling ponds. In drier weather this is one of the first ponds to dry up, exposing good shore bird habitat, and in wetter seasons it floods into the horse paddock on the other side of Swenson road. Despite unpromising appearances, the pond and adjacant paddock have produced a surprising number of rarites over the years and is always worth checking during shorebird and waterfowl migration seasons. Some of the more unusual birds found here include a "plegadis" ibis (either a Glossy Ibis or a White-faced Ibis) in 1999, an American White Pelican in 1995, a Little Blue Heron in 1994, Cattle Egrets (horse paddock), Ross's Geese (horse paddock), Greater White-fronted Geese (horse paddock), King Rail in 1996, and an American Avocet in 1992.

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