Fermi National Laboratory


January 9, 2004

Purpose: The purpose of the Fermilab Ecological Land Management Committee (the Committee) is to recommend management practices based on sound ecological principles that enhance the natural resources of the Laboratory.

Goals: Consistent with the high energy physics mission of the Laboratory, the following ecological land management goals will guide the Committee activities and recommendations:

  • conserve natural resources
  • maintain or increase native biodiversity
  • establish a biologically healthy distribution of community types,
  • provide habitat for desirable species,
  • reconstruct valuable ecosystems where possible and appropriate,
  • experiment with new and/or different land management techniques,
  • facilitate environmental research,
  • utilize all Fermilab land holdings to the greatest advantage,
  • improve the esthetic appeal of Fermilab
  • provide a real asset for the use and enjoyment of the public, and
  • take appropriate measures to attain ecosystem sustainability.
  • monitor and document the plant and animal life on site in order to track changes and asses the impact of management methods
Principles of Ecosystem Management will be followed in pursuing all these goals.

Functions of the Committee: The Committee will prepare an "Annual Ecological Land Management Plan" to accomplish individual projects consistent with stated goals. This plan will consist of an up-to-date description of the Fermilab landscape, including a land use map and strategies to be utilized to achieve the goals of this charter. The Committee will solicit volunteer assistance from Laboratory employees, users, and anyone in the community with an interest in natural resource management

In order to remain abreast of current ecological ideas, the Committee will establish and maintain contacts with other natural resources managers, restoration biologists, and groups in northeastern Illinois. The Committee will undertake other functions or activities that the Committee members agree are necessary to achieve its goals.

The Committee will support an outreach program to local educational and other nonprofit organizations interested in ecological land management. This support may include technical advice, public talks, and seed donations.

Committee members and consulting members shall be appointed to three-year terms by the Director and be reviewed by the Committee annually. The Committee may make nominations to the Director for membership. Normally, the Committee should maintain a balance of members from the Laboratory community and members and consulting members from outside the Laboratory. Outside members should be chosen for their interest and expertise in land management, conservation, or restoration ecology at Fermilab. The Laboratory Director shall appoint the Committee Chair for a period of three years.

Meetings shall be held monthly, or as called by the Chair.

Charter approved by:

Michael Witherell, Director on February 3, 2004