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Most ZOOM packages are organized as follows:

LXR Browser for ZOOM Code and Documentation

Package Directory - - - - - - - - - - Key Documentation
ErrorLogger ErrorLogger html documentation
Exceptions Exceptions html documentation
HepTuple HepTuple html documentation
LinearAlgebra Users Guide (postscript)
PhysicsVectors Formulas and Definitions (postscript)
SpecialFunctions SpecialFunctions Web documentation
STLUtility README file with a little example (ascii text)
ZMtools ZMtimer html documentation
ZMutility Platform Compatibiliity Headers html documentation

The UVM browser for the ZOOM code repository is presently unavailable since it requires direct read access to the directory tree associated with the cvs repository.


ZOOM did not do the work to make these browsers applicable.

The LXR browser uses a portion of the CDF RUN2 Software browser.
LXR is the Linux CrossReference project, developed by A. Gleditsch and P. Gjermshus.

The UVM browser was developed by the FOCUS experiment (E831, and its predecessor E687) and we thank Peter Kasper for helping ZOOM make its code browsable thru UVM.

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