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Brief Descriptions of ZOOM Packages

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Allocator module (Walter Brown)

CLHEP module (Mark Fischler)

CLHEP Random (Mark Fischler)

CLHEP Random validation (John Marraffino and Mark Fischler)

CLHEP StdHepC++ (Lynn Garren)

CovMatrices module (David Sachs)

ErrLogEx module (Mark Fischler)

ErrorLogger module (Mark Fischler)

Exceptions module (Mark Fischler)

HepTuple module (Philippe Canal)

HistTools module (Joe Boudreau)

ISOcxx module (Walter Brown)

LinearAlgebra module (Leo Michelotti)

CLHEP HepPDT Package (Lynn Garren)

CLHEP HepMC Package (Lynn Garren)

CLHEP StdHep Package (Lynn Garren)

CLHEP Matrix Package (Mark Fischler)

PhysicsVectors (3- and 4-Vectors) module (Mark Fischler)

CLHEP Vector Package (Mark Fischler)

SpecialFunctions (GNU Scientific Library) module (John Marafino)

ValuePtr module (Marc Paterno )

ZMtimer module ( Walter Brown )

ZMtools module (Walter Brown)

ZMutility module (Walter Brown)

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