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News Items Release Notices
Jan - Dec 2003
Fix misbehavior of eigen on matricies with NaNs
Debug-level messages and time-zone in ErrorLogger
Independent histogram titles in HepTuple with Root
Proposed ErrorLogger enhancements
EulerAngles numerical stability improvement in Vector
Switching ErrorLogger log destination on the fly
CLHEP VEctor cleanup, with fix in deltaR()
Bugfix in RandEngine()
Similarity transforms in CovMatrices
Release Notices Mar 2000 - present
Jan - Dec 2002
HepPDT, HepMC and StdHep sub-packages in CLHEP
LinearAlgebra instrumented with Exceptions package
CLHEP/Alist, Strings and Combiner removed
Speed-up for Rotation*Vector in CLHEP/Vector
Split of ZMtools into several smaller packages
HepRootNtuple library build ISOcxx-aware
New CovMatrices package
Faster generic inversion in LinearAlgebra
Oct - Dec 2001
ISOcxx declared Production,
HepTuple recover of Root files after crash,
CLHE Vector improvement in deltaR(),
ErrorLogger setTableLimit,
ZMtimer accomodations for FRHL 7.1 Linux
Jul - Sep 2001
New CLHEP HepPDT package,
CLHEP Matrix declared production,
ErrLogEx declared production,
Proposed eta(0) feature change in CLHEP/Vector,
Zoom Web Pages streamlined,
HepTuple Root 3, ErrorLogger Multi-thread,
Instructions for accessing ZOOM cvs
Apr - Jun 2001
Faster inversion in CLHEP Matrix and LinearAlgebra,
ErrorLogger thread safety,
CLHEP Vector NaN-proofing,
HEP_REMOVE and HEP_RENAME modes in HepTuple,
ISOcxx NT distribution capability,
Validation-style Exceptions output, KAI 4.0
Production HepTuple, ZMtools, ZMuitlity
Jan - Mar 2001
HepTuple NT, CLHEP Vector/PhysicsVector merge,
ErrorLogger multimodule inclusion + other features
ISOcxx for gcc, ErrorLogger cleanup,
Preoduction ErrorLogger, Exceptions
Jul - Dec 2000
HepPDT, GenericFunctions, Allocator,
ISOcxx for gcc, ErrorLogger cleanup,
HeptTuple ROOT 2.25, Hyperbolic functions
Release Notices Mar 2000 - present
Jan - Jun 2000
ISOcxx Beta, Block, IteratorFIlter, ELcollected
CLHEP Workshop, graded asserts, SpecialFunctions
Jan - Mar 2000
(CLHEP Random, ErrorLogger, STLUtility, ZMtools)
Jul - Dec 1999
ISOcxx release, HepTuple libraries splitup,
Jul - Dec 1999
(ISOcxx, HepTuple, ZMtools)
Apr - Jun 1999
(CLHEP, HepTuple, ZMtools, ZMutility)
Jan - Mar 1999
WBS, ErrorLogger release
Jan - Jun 1999
(HepTuple, ErrorLogger, SIunits)
Aug - Dec 1998
(CLHEP, Exceptions, HepTuple, LinearAlgebra, SIunits, STLUtility, ZMutility)
Jun - Jul 1998
(CLHEP, HepTuple, LinearAlgebra, PhysicsVectors)
Apr - May 1998
(CLHEP, HepTuple, LinearAlgebra, PhysicsVectors, ZMutility)
Feb - Mar 1998
(CLHEP, Exceptions, LinearAlgebra, PhysicsVectors, ZMutility)

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