Release Notice for ZOOM Release R-01-02-27

With this ZOOM release, we begin to follow a practice suggested by D0 code management: In addition to the tags of the individual packages that have changed, we will also assign a uniform rtag to all the ZOOM packages, representing a snapshot of ZOOM as of the release. This rtag will be based on the (nominal) release date.

This release is assigned rtag R-01-02-27

Instead of putting all the release information into the release notice mailed to,, etc, we are mailing a BRIEF notice to that list, with a pointer to this page to find out details.

This release brings the ZOOM products to the point where D0 can use them on NT under D0_SRT.

(The neccessary changes in D0_SRT exist and are in version v00-01-26. As of 2/28/01, this is in use in D0 builds. It will be present in the test release T01.35.00, which exists and will be made into a tar file on 3/5/01).

Packages modified in this release:

In addition, these packages have had minor modifications (mostly in make files, mostly to accomodate building under SRT on NT)P

Feb 28, 2001:

The following release was announced February 27, 2001:

ISOcxx v1.4; cvs rtag V01-04-00

HepTuple v1.7.2 cvs rtag V01-07-02

ErrLogEx New package v1.5; cvs rtag V01-05-00

ZMtools v1.5; cvs rtag V01-05-00

    New Features in release:
      Classes moved out:
        Classes and tools dealing with ErrorLogger and Exceptions have been moved into the new ErrLogEx package.
        • ZMexAugmented
        • ZMexDerivedAug
        • ZMexErrorLog
        • ZMxel
        ZMutilities V1.4 or higher
        Exceptions V1.2 or higher
        Exceptions V1.2 or higher
          ELassertN.h requires ErrorLogger V1.2 or higher

ErrorLogger v2.0.3; cvs rtag V02-00-03

PhysicsVectors v2.0.2, cvs rtag V02-00-02

    New Features in release:
      Scalar type defined in headers.
        This rectifies an inadvertant failure to maintain a backward code compatibility feature.
      Scalar Makefile modifications for builiding under SRT on NT.
    • Exceptions v1.3 or higher
    • ZMutility v1.6 or higher
    • ISOcxx v1.3 or higher (to allow CDF code to compile with C++ exceptions disabled)
    Backward incompatibiliites:
      The following syntaxes, which had not appeard in any user code, are no longer supported:
    • Direct use of non-trivial accessors as L-values
    • Direct application of Rotations and LorentzTransformations to containers of 3- and 4-vectors
    Coming Soon:
      The web page documenting PhysicsVectors has not yet been updated to reflect the CLHEP merge.

As of 2/15/2001, the following rtags of ZOOM products exist:

Package Tag Version Unchanged Since Last Significant Change
Allocator V01-00-02 v1.0.2 v1.0.1 v1.0
CLHEP V01-06-01 v1.6.1 v1.6.1 v1.6
ErrLogEx V01-05-00 v1.5 v1.5 v1.5
ErrorLogger V02-00-03 v2.0.3 v2.0.3 v1.5
Exceptions V02-00-01 v2.0.1 v1.3.21 v1.2.8
HepTuple V01-07-02 v1.7.2 v1.7.2 v1.7
ISOcxx V01-04-00 v1.4 v1.4 v1.4
LinearAlgebra V01-03-12 v1.3.12 v1.3.12 v1.3.5
PhysicsVectors V02-00-02 v2.0.2 v2.0.2 v2.0
SIunits V01-00-01 v1.0.1 (KITS) v1.0.1 v1.0.1
ZMtools V01-05-00 v1.5 v1.5 v1.5
ZMutility V01-06-00 v1.6 v1.6 v1.5

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