ZOOM ZMutility Package Release Notes

Fermilab Physics Class Library Task Force
Mark Fischler (mf@fnal.gov), Walter Brown (wb@fnal.gov)


ZMutility v2.0.7, cvs rtag V02-00-07


ZMutility v2.0.2; cvs rtag V02-00-02

Apr 4, 2001:

The following release was announced April 4, 2001:

ZMutility Production Release, v2.0; cvs rtag V02-00-00

Sep 12, 2000:

The following release was announced September 12, 2000:

ZMutility v1.6; cvs rtag V01-06-00

January 12, 1999:

The following releases were announced January 12, 1999:

ZMutility v1.3.5, cvs rtag V01-03-05

October 23, 1998:

The following releases were announced October 23, 1998

ZMutility v1.3.4, cvs rtag V01-03-04

April 21, 1998:

ZMutility: v1.2.3; cvs rtag V01-02-03

March 6, 1998:

ZMutility: v1.2, cvs rtag V01-02-00

March 2, 1998:

ZMutility: v1.1, cvs rtag V01-01-00

Feb. 5, 1998:

ZMutility: Beta release v1.01; cvs rtag V01-00-01

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