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Fermilab Physics Class Library Task Force
Mark Fischler (mf@fnal.gov), Walter Brown (wb@fnal.gov)
ZOOM news archive

ZOOM news archive

December 15, 2000:

Alpha release of HepPDT classes

November 18, 2000:

New Package: GenericFunctions

November 6, 2000:

Class Diagram for Particle Data Group part of StdHep

September 22, 2000:

ELerrorList Feature in ErrorLogger

September 12, 2000:

ZOOM release 00-09-12 has been rtagged and released.

Release notes may be found at http://www.fnal.gov/tf/zoom/Releases/release000912.html.
(Since this news item, that location has changed. The link has been updated.)

New Package: Allocator

ErrorLogger version 1.5

HepTuple version 1.5

ISOcxx version 1.2.1

SpecialFunctions version 1.1

Plus minor enhancements to CLHEP, Exceptions, PhysicsVectors, ZMtools, ZMutility.

Details in release notes for release 00-09-12 .

August 7, 2000:

Disposition of UnitVector

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