ZOOM For Run II WBS Summary

This WBS summary concerns only those projects in ZOOM which have been identified as tasks for the start of Run II, and which are on the Run II project WBS.

This does not reflect an inclusive list of ZOOM activities. It does not include participation in CLHEP beyond that level mandated by Run II, nor other Physics Analysis Tools development.

This summary page presents tasks and sub-tasks which are not completed as of the begining of June 1999. Completed sub-tasks are not listed, and small fourth level sub-tasks are not all individually listed. See the WBS spreadsheet for that level of detail.


This page was last updated on June 1, 1999.

ZOOM For Run II WBS News

June 1, 1999:


Status of each task

WBS item Task Sub-task Estimated Work [1] Percent Completed Priority [2]
1.2.1 -- Initial Support [3]
1.2.2 Ongoing Support -- [3]
1.3.1 CLHEP
(Run II)
... 26
1.3.2 ErrorLogger ... 16 65 (See Full Production
5 28% Next
1.3.3 HepTuple ... 21 79% (See
(See Histogram Arithmetic 13 100% Completed Arrays of Histograms 2 31% Completed Root Manager for HepTuple Ntuples 3 65% Current
(all but Tobjects implemented)
1.3.4 LinearAlgebra ... 17 61% (See Finalized LinearAlgebra Release 4 0% Long-Range
1.3.5 PhysicsVectors ... 14 68% (See PhysicsVectors maint. release 2 5% On hold pending CLHEP unification
1.3.6 SIunits ... 10 100% (Maintenance)
1.3.7 STLutility ... 1 100% (Maintenance)
1.3.8 ZMtools ... 11 27% Long-Range ZMtimer 3 100% (Maintenance)
1.3.9 ZMUtility ... 10 80% (See ZMUtility Based on Portability 2 0% Intermediate
1.3.10 Portability [4] ... 14 [5] 21% Current


  1. Estimated work in FTE-weeks
  2. Priority is one of:
    • Current In progress now, with full attention of appropriate resources
    • Next Slated to be current after a specific current task is completed, and/or in progress now at background priority
    • Intermediate Scheduled after completion of identified other tasks
    • Long-Range Low priority, intended to be done eventually
    • (Maintenance) Task has been completed, and product is in initial maintenance mode.
  3. The priority of support tasks is generally high, in bursts when relevant problems or needs are identified. This work is estimated on an continuing FTE basis, as 1.8 - 2.3 FTE depending on how many packages have entered the maintenance phase in recent months. The actual effort between 1/18 and 6/1 averaged 1.51 FTE.
  4. The estimate and tracking for the Portability package in the ZOOM WBS reflects the ZOOM portion of work on developing this package. Starting around May 10, ZOOM assumed the lead role. Other work on this package is not reflected in the ZOOM WBS.
  5. Estimate for first viable product release is 75% of that total project estimate, thus that portion is 28% toward completion.

Mark Fischler,

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