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SpecialFunctions File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
Airy.h [code]
Bessel.h [code]
Chebyshev.h [code]
checkStatus.h [code]
ClausenIntegral.h [code]
Coulomb.h [code]
DawsonIntegral.h [code]
DebyeIntegral.h [code]
DiLogarithm.h [code]
EllipticIntegrals.h [code]
ErrorFunction.h [code]
ExpIntegrals.h [code]
Exponential.h [code]
FermiDirac.h [code]
Gamma.h [code]
Gegenbauer.h [code]
gsl_chebyshev.h [code]
Hyperbolic.h [code]
HyperGeometric.h [code]
IntegerPowers.h [code]
JacobiElliptics.h [code]
Laguerre.h [code]
Lambert.h [code]
Legendre.h [code]
Logarithm.h [code]
PolyGamma.h [code]
SFExceptions.h [code]
SFInitialize.h [code]
SpecialFunctions.h [code]
Synchrotron.h [code]
Transport.h [code]
Trigonometry.h [code]
Wigner.h [code]
Zeta.h [code]

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