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SpecialFunctions Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AiryAiry functions, derivatives and zeroes
BesselBessel functions (regular and irregular), of integer, half integer and non-integer order
ChebyshevChebyshev expansion of arbitrary continuous functions
ClausenIntegralEvaluate Clausen's Integral
CoulombEvaluate bound state and continuum Coulomb wave functions
DawsonIntegralEvaluate Dawson's integral
DebyeIntegralEvaluate Debye's integral
DiLogarithmEvaluate the di-logarithm function for real and complex arguments
EllipticIntegralsEvaluate complete and incomplete elliptic integrals
ErrorFunctionEvaluate erf and erfc for real argument
ExpIntegralsEvaluate various exponential and related integrals
ExponentialEvaluate the standard exponential functions with gsl semantics
FermiDiracEvaluate the complete and incomplete Fermi Dirac function for integer and half-integer order
GammaEvaluate the Gamma function and several related functions
GegenbauerEvaluate the Gegenbauer polynomials for integer order
HyperbolicEvaluate the hyperbolic and inverse hyperbolic functions
HyperGeometricEvaluate several hypergeometric functions
IntegerPowersEvaluate integer powers of a real argument
JacobiEllipticsEvaluate Jacobi's elliptic functions
LaguerreEvaluate the Laguerre functions of integer order
LambertEvaluate the principal and secondary branches of the Lambert function
LegendreEvaluate Legendre functions of integer, half integer and non-integer order
LogarithmEvaluate several logarithmic functions
PolyGammaEvaluate the di-gamma, tri-gamma and n-gamma functions
SFInitializeInitialize the gsl error handler to it's off state
SynchrotronEvaluate the first and second synchrotron functions
TransportEvaluate the transport integral of order 2 through 5
TrigonometryEvaluate various trigonometric functions with gsl semantics
UF< UserFcnT >Template class for user functions for Chebyshev expansion
WignerCompute 3-j, 6-j, 9-j symbols and Clebsch-Gordan coefficients
ZetaCompute the Riemann and Hurwicz zeta function and some related functions

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