class HepHist

generic histogram

HepHist is the base class for creating specialized histograms (which currently consist of HepHist1D, a one-dimensional histogram; HepHist2D, a two-dimensional histogram; and HepHistProf, a profile histogram. HepHist provides very basic methods for obtaining information about a histogram. The classes derived from this one are also abstract classes whose concrete implementation depends on a manager class (a derivative of HepFileManager).

HepHist objects will not be instantiated.

See the class declaration for the subclasses of HepHist ( HepHist1D, HepHist2D, and HepHistProf) for their usage.


Related Classes

#include "HepTuple/HepHist.h"


Copying and Cloning

The user can copy the structure and the content of given histogram by cloning it. The new histogram is created in the current directory of the original histogram's manager or the specified manager.

Clone this HepHist, including all accumulated data:
  • HepHist & makeClone(const string& title, const int id = 0);
  • HepHist & makeClone(HepFileManager *mgr, const string& title, const int id = 0);

    Create a fresh empty HepHist with binning identical to that of this HepHist:
  • HepHist & makeEmpty(const string& title, const int id = 0);
  • HepHist & makeEmpty(HepFileManager *mgr, const string& title, const int id = 0);

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    Reseting an histogram

    Set the contents of all bins and accumulated statistics to zero:
  • void reset();
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    Accessing class information

    Title of the Histogram:
  • string title() const;

    Directory of the Histogram (internal to file manager):
  • string dir() const;

    HepFileManager managing this Histogram:
  • HepFileManager * Manager() const;

    The id (assigned by the manager or user):
  • int id() const;

    The type of the object:
  • char type() const;

    Each class has a static data member named typeId containg it type indentification letter. Only full types (HepNtuple, HepHist1D, HepHist2D, HepHistProf and HepDir, for directories) have one.

    For example HepHist1D::typeId

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    Related Classes

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