class HepDir

Representation of HepFileManager directory.

HepDir is an internal class that contain the name of a directory of the HepFileManager and the list of its content. The data member HepDir::typeId can be used as parameter to HepFileManager::ls and HepFileManager::list and to check the type of an HepFileManager::Item returns by HepFileManager::list (see HepFileManager for more details.)


Related Classes

#include "HepTuple/HepDir.h"


Accessing class information

Title of the Histogram:
  • string title() const;

    Directory of the Histogram (internal to file manager):
  • string dir() const;

    Absolute path of this directory:
  • string absTitle() const;

    HepFileManager managing this Histogram:
  • HepFileManager * Manager() const;

    The id (assigned by the manager or user):
  • int id() const;

    The type of the object:
  • char type() const;

    Each class has a static data member named typeId containing its type indentification letter. Only full types (HepNtuple, HepHist1D, HepHist2D, HepHistProf and HepDir, for directories) have one.

    For example HepHist1D::typeId

    Status of the Object:
  • bool isValid() const;

    An object can be invalidated if an Exception was raised and ignored during its operation (however, depending of the case some Exceptions could also be ignored witout problem for the object).

  • Release

    Releasing an object indicates to the HepFileManager that the user is done with it and that it can eventually re-use its memory footprint. Usually the manager will also flush the object to disk (for disk based manager).

  • void release() const;
        Do not use the object after this call!

  • Static Utilities

    Returns the leftmost part of a path
  • string topname(const string& path);

  • Returns everything but the rightmost part of a path
  • string dirname(const string& path);

  • Returns the rightmost part of a path
  • string basename(const string& path);

  • Check if the path is an absolute path
  • bool isAbsPath(const string& path);

  • Check if the path is a relative path
  • bool isRelPath(const string& path);

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    Related Classes

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