Fermi Physics Class Libraries Module: Error Logger


ZOOM Error Logger

The ZOOM Error Logger package is meant to meet the needs of Run II (D0 and CDF) offline (and possibly higher-level online) code for a unified message logging and statistics facility.

This package provides:

Some design points of this package are

Although this package did not start out with a design goal of becoming a not a multi-process message gathering mechanism, the ELcollected destination allows an experiment to set up collective error message handling, based on whatever communications mechanism they choose to employ. Given this collection mechanism, the need for a "circular save buffer" (which had previously been called ELsaveBuffer) is also greatly simplified. The necessary functionallity is met by a destination ELerrorList, which places error objects onto a user-accessible std::list.

This package may be obtained from the following sources:

There are also coded samples of how to use the package: There is also a mechanism for integrating the ZOOM Exceptions mechanism with the Error Logger, using a class derived from ZMexception

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Mark Fischler
Last modified: September 22, 2000