cb - C program beautifier

     cb [-s] [-j] [-l leng]] [-V] [file  ...]

     The cb comand reads syntactically correct C programs  either
     from  its  arguments  or from the standard input, and writes
     them on the standard output  with  spacing  and  indentation
     that  display  the  structure of the C code.  By default, cb
     preserves all user new-lines.

     cb accepts the following options.

     -s           Write the code in the style  of  Kernighan  and
                 Ritchie found in The C Programming Language.

     -j           Put split lines back together.

     -l leng      Split lines that are longer than leng.

     -V           Print on standard error output the  version  of
                 cb invoked.

     cb treats asm as a keyword.

     The format of structure initializations is unchanged by cb.

     Punctuation  that  is  hidden  in  preprocessing  directives
     causes indentation errors.

     cc(1) (Solaris 2.x only)
     Kernighan, B. W., and Ritchie,  D.  M.,  The  C  Programming
     Language, Second Edition, Prentice-Hall, 1988.