Strong Authentication at Fermilab
Part I Getting Started

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Part I Getting Started

Chapter 1: Introduction to Strong Authentication at Fermilab

Many of you are aware that Fermilab is in the process of implementing new methods for users to access the computers at the FNAL site. The purpose of this introduction is to summarize the plan and explain what it means for you as Fermilab computer users, system administrators, and software developers, and what you will need to do to prepare for this change.

Chapter 2: Fermilab Computing Policy Issues

The full text of the Fermilab Policy on Computing is maintained at Section 4 addresses Strong Authentication. In this chapter we summarize the important points.

Chapter 3: Kerberos Principals and Passwords

In this chapter we discuss choosing and obtaining a strengthened realm userid (called a Kerberos principal) and a Kerberos password.

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