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January 10, 2005
Subject: Massive ups product un-current-ing

On Thursday, January 20, the 26 products whose ups product support was dropped 5 years ago (and now are supported via TheWrittenWord packages) will lose their "current" chains both in AFS space, and on fnkits. Several of them are beginning to not work already, and this is a trend that will continue as newer OS versions and patches come out.

This means that users who do, for example, "setup xemacs" will get an error; if they want to use a ups version of the product, they need to set up a specific version.  Without setting up the product, they should get the TWW version of the package (assuming they're installed on the system in question) which will in every case be a newer version, compiled on a more recent version of the operating system.

Packages which depend on the "current" version of these products will also break if no changes are made. Table files these products have been modified in the AFS products area (and soon on fnkits) so that they depend on the last released version of these products, rather than the "current" version.

So which products are these?

Products whose ups support has been dropped:

 a2ps              expect            lynx              python 
bash              ghostscript       mozilla           rcs
dddebugger        imagemagick       mysql             readline
diffutils         imagelibs         nedit             tcl
dddebugger        ispell            tcsh              emacs
openssl           pine              tk                expat
gtools            psutils           xemacs

Products which depend on the current version of one of the above:

 apache            geant4            perl              tclx 
blt               html2ps           perltk            tex_files
c2html            kerberos          python            texi2html
cmdbin            lyx               rcs               tix
cvs               man2html          readline          tk
egcs              netpbm            rolodex           tkman
emacs             ngop              shells            tksession
exmh              oobr              tcl               upd
gcc               openssl

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