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UPS, UPD and UPP v4
Complete Guide and Reference Manual
Document number: GG0014
Release 2.1
April 3, 2002

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This manual documents the standard methodology for UNIX product support at Fermilab, which is implemented via the utilities UPS (UNIX Product Support), UPD (UNIX Product Distribution), and UPP (UNIX Product Poll). These utilities were significantly redesigned for version v4, which was initially released in 1998, and have continued to be revised since then. The latest release as of this writing is v4_6.

This document supersedes GU0014 “UPS and UPD v4 Reference Manual”, released June 5, 1998. The document includes separate user’s guides for end users, product installers, UPS/UPD and system administrators, maintainers of product distribution nodes, and product developers. It also includes a set of reference guides.

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