Temporarily installing ups to install other products

Sometimes folks would like to install ups/upd temporarily in order to install software like kerberos, but don't want to keep a ups/upd installation around permanently.

This needs some scratch disk temporarily (approx 50M in /tmp and 30M /var/tmp)

The procedure is:

You would download the "stage1.sh" script and "test" config file from the ftp://ftp.fnal.gov/products/bootstrap/v2_0/index.html page, and then do:

  sh stage1.sh test
This takes between 3-10 minutes, (depending on your network speed) and gives you a ups/upd/perl installation under /tmp/ups.

If you don't have enough room in /tmp, (this takes about 50MB) you can edit the "test" config file and change all occurances of "/tmp" to somewhere else, and use that instead of /tmp in the following. If you don't have enough room in /var/tmp, set TMPDIR in the environment to point to somewhere that has room.

Then you would use that /tmp/ups/ products area to do some installs;

  . /tmp/ups/etc/setups.sh      # or 'source /tmp/ups/etc/setups.csh'
  setup upd
  upd install -G -c kerberos
  # the following as 'root'
  ups install-weak kerberos     # or install-keep-ssh or whatever
If you are on-site and can therefore get at our ssh binaries, you can also then
  upd install -G -c ssh 
  ups InstallAsRoot ssh
to get the kerberos-aware ssh in /usr/krb5 as well.

You can then blow away /tmp/ups entirely if you want, the kerberos (and optionaly ssh) binaries have all been put into /usr/krb5. If you want to keep the whole kerberos, ssh, whatever product somewhere but lose the rest of the ups/upd stuff, you can do:

  upd install -G -c kerberos -r /some/other/place/ssh
  upd install -G -c ssh -r /some/other/place/kerberos
and upd will put the files /some/other/place, and when you blow away the /tmp/ups stuff you'll still have a copy.