Fermilab CD logo Complete Guide and Reference Manual for UPS and UPD

Part VIII Developer's Reference

Chapter 34: Actions and ACTION Keyword Values

Table files and UPD configuration files often include stanzas which we call actions. We describe actions in this chapter.

Chapter 35: Functions used in Actions

There is a set of supported functions that can be used in action stanzas. In this chapter we give a general overview of functions, list and describe all the supported functions, provide a couple of examples of functions within actions, and list all the read-only variables available to the supported functions.

Chapter 36: Table Files

This chapter describes table files. Table files contain product-specific, installation-independent information. Most, but not all, products require a table file. UPS product developers are responsible for providing the table files associated with their products.

Chapter 37: Scripts You May Need to Provide with a Product

In UPS, the functions supported for use in table file actions will not always suffice for completing certain tasks, for instance configuration and tailoring. You may still need to provide executable scripts, and include appropriate functions in your table file to execute them. In this chapter we discuss some scripts you may need to provide with your product.

Chapter 38: Use of Compile Scripts in Table Files

Compile scripts can be used in table files to preprocess actions, thus speeding up considerably the time it takes users to execute the actions. We describe the use of compile scripts in this chapter.


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