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Chapter Contents

  Part VII Administrator's Reference

Part VII Administrator's Reference

Chapter 28: Information Storage Format in Database and Configuration Files

This chapter introduces the files UPS uses for product management. It also describes the format of the information storage in these files, which is in the format of KEYWORD=VALUE pairs. The supported keywords are listed and described.

Chapter 29: Version Files

Version files are UPS database files that contain information specific to the local installation and declaration of the declared product instances. The contents of version files are described in this chapter.

Chapter 30: Chain Files

UPS/UPD supports chains to product versions, and chain information is maintained in chain files. In this chapter we describe chain files and how they interact with version files.

Chapter 31: The UPS Configuration File

A UPS database can be configured and customized using the file dbconfig, described in this chapter. It is used to define keywords which control quantities such as:

Chapter 32: The UPD Configuration File

UPD can be configured and customized on your system using the file updconfig, described in this chapter. By providing default values for several variables (mostly product file and directory locations), the updconfig file controls where UPD installs products and miscellaneous product-related files. It can also be used to define supplementary actions for UPD to perform when installing or updating products.

Chapter 33: Obsolete The UPP Subscription File


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