Fermilab CD logo Complete Guide and Reference Manual for UPS and UPD

Chapter Contents

  Part III System Administrator's Guide

Part III System Administrator's Guide

Chapter 11: Maintaining a UPS Database

In this chapter we assume that you have UPS/UPD installed and that you have a working database and products area. We provide instructions and examples for performing the following functions:

Chapter 12: UPS and UPD Pre-install Issues and General Administration

This chapter guides users through the administrative decisions and tasks that are involved in preparing to implement UPS/UPD, and information regarding general administrative tasks.

Chapter 13: Obsolete

Chapter 14: Installing UPS and UPD from Bootstrap

Automated installs are provided by the Computing Division. You can choose a pre-defined configuration and use it as is or edit it, or you can define your own configuration. Alternatively, it is possible to run a manual installation from a bootstrap tar file.

Chapter 15: Automatic UPS Product Startup and Shutdown

This chapter covers configuring your system to support automatic startup and shutdown of UPS products, and installing individual UPS product instances to start and stop automatically.


Last revised June 2014