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Chapter 38: Use of Compile Scripts in Table Files
  38.1 Overview
  38.2 Usage Information

Chapter 38: Use of Compile Scripts in Table Files

Compile scripts can be used in table files to preprocess actions, thus speeding up considerably the time it takes users to execute the actions. We describe the use of compile scripts in this chapter.

38.1 Overview

Generally, when a UPS command is issued, if UPS finds a corresponding action in the product instance's table file, the listed functions get executed. If this function list is lengthy, the command may take a long time to execute. To speed up execution in these cases, UPS supports the preprocessing of actions in compile scripts. When you preprocess, you run the list of functions once, store the output in a script, and then when the command is later executed, the script is run instead of the functions.

This mechanism can be used for any UPS command, but it was developed with the setup command in mind. If a setup command must setup many, many required products, reading all the files for instance matching can be slow. By use of a compile script, the files can be read once, instead of each time a user runs setup on the product.

38.2 Usage Information

The use of compile scripts is most easily explained using an example. The (partial) table file below creates a compile script for the setup command when the product instance gets configured. Alternatively, since ACTION=COMPILE is defined, you could manually run the command ups compile to create the script. The functions listed are described in section 35.3 Function Descriptions:

     writeCompileScript("SETUP", "/my/compile/script") 
     setupRequired("dog v2_0") 
     setupRequired("cat v1_1") 
     ...long list... 
     setupRequired("mouse v3_9") 

This table file performs the following actions:

  1. When the product instance is configured (via ACTION=CONFIGURE, which is usually run as part of ups declare), the function exeActionRequired("COMPILE") runs the functions under ACTION=COMPILE.
  2. The function writeCompileScript("SETUP", "/my/compile/script") under ACTION=COMPILE executes a single operation: run setup, and write the output of the setup actions to the script /my/compile/script. This writeCompileScript function executes all the functions under ACTION=SETUP except the first one (writeCompileScript knows to ignore sourceCompileReq), and outputs the results to the script my/compile/script. For example, for each setupRequired line, it completes all the instance matching, and outputs the matched instance to the script.

Later, when setup is run by a user, the first function under ACTION=SETUP is executed (sourceCompileReq ("my/compile/script")), and the remaining functions are ignored. Therefore, none of the file reads have to occur during normal product setup.

The compiled script will contain hard-coded paths to the instances that were in effect when the script was created. If any product version, root directory or table file changes, the script must be recompiled for setup to work properly. Use ups depend to determine what the current dependencies are.


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