pydb is a command-line python debugger written in python, suitably modified to work with the dddebugger graphical debugger front end.

There is a file of usage Notes which comes with the debugger.

The release notes read as follows:

Pydb is a modified version of the standard Python debugger, pdb, with a number of augmented features. In particular, it is intended to be used with DDD, the Data Display Debugger. DDD is an X-Windows based front end to a number of debuggers, including gdb, xdb, jdb (for java), and now, pydb. DDD allows one to place a breakpoint by clicking on a line of code, drag breakpoints, install temporary breakpoints, edit breakpoints, etc. DDD also provides a graphical display of variables which are updated as each breakpoint is triggered. DDD provides a uniform way of using the debuggers listed above, and with support for Python now added, may be particularly helpful for those who need to work with both C and Python code. DDD is a mature program that runs on a large number of platforms. The version available here is based on DDD-3.0 (released June, 1998). More information on DDD is available at DDD's home page. In the course of connecting the Python debugger pdb to DDD, a number of changes were required. As a result, the new version of pdb, pydb, now supports temporary breakpoints, conditional breakpoints, and an ignore breakpoint count. Also, it is now easy to set breakpoints in modules outside the current one: that is, you can issue a command such as 'break whrandom.random' assuming the module can be found somewhere in sys.path. Breakpoints can be disabled and re-enabled. Pydb can be used independently of DDD. This is a first release; perfection won't be attained until the n'th release (where n is undefined). Two distributions are available. Both contain all the Python code along with documentation for DDD. One release contains DDD as a compiled binary for Solaris 2.6 (using gcc 2.8.1). The other contains the DDD source code modified for Python. If DDD compiles on your system, this modified version will (should!); it just takes a while (3 hours on my sparc 5 85Mhz) as DDD is not small.

  1. pydb with DDD compiled for Solaris 2.6
  2. pydb and DDD source code

Comments, suggestions, and bug reports are welcome.

Richard Wolff <>

pddd 1.0Python debugger based on with DDD, a widely used X-windows based front end.(25-8-98)