Related Software

In the true spirit of UNIX, exmh builds on many other small tools. Here are most of them:

[Req]indicates that exmh requires this package to run
[Sug]indicates that this package is required for some functionality
[Opt]indicates that this package is optional

[Req]exmh-2.0.2.tar.Z (http) (ftp)
The latest version of exmh. This requires Tk 4.1 or higher. Make sure you have the latest (non-beta) version of Tk 4.1. You may have better luck with the mirror copy of this.

The old version of exmh. This is compatible with Tk 4.1, Tk4.0 and Tk 3.6. You need 4.0 or higher to get color faces support. Make sure you have the latest (non-beta) version of Tk 4.0. You may have better luck with the mirror copy of this.
[Sug]Patches for exmh.
A set of patchs to previous versions of exmh, and new user-contributed patches that have not yet found their way into the main release.
A cleanup of the MH code that works with exmh and is much easier to compile and install on your UNIX systems.
The current version of MH (standard with some UNIX systems)
"Tool Command Language" What is TCL?
Latest Stable Tk Release.
"Latest Tcl Beta Release".
Latest Tk Beta Release. This features internationalization.
Metamail, used to display and process MIME messages. exmh requires this package to display MIME messages, but you may use mhn to compose MIME messages.
With the Picons package (a.k.a. Faces), the faces of your correspondents can be displayed alongside their messages, and you may compose a "face" header of your own.
The Glimpse is a full text index system with low space overhead. Exmh provides an interface to its search engine that makes it easy to find mail messages in any of your multitude of folders.
A Tcl extension that provides efficient interaction with netscape.
The procmail facility is a general mail handler that can sort mail into folders as it arrives. Exmh can work with any mail filtering program. This is different than the filtering mechanism built into MH. Here are some other mirror sites: Japan, Ohio State, PSG, UC Santa Barbarbara, Germany.
This is a viewer for binhex, base64, uuencode and xxencode files.
ifile intelligent mail filter
Intelligent message refiling. This uses a text-based learning algorithm to learn user preferences for which messages should go in which folders. Here is the latest README .
A very sophisticated quotng engine. The script uses this. Find in the misc/ directory of the exmh distribution.
A printing package for MIME messages. Back to the exmh index