[updated 1999-10-01 for Cygwin/NT users]

Converting from cvs and cvsh with rsh to ssh

Using cvs via ssh instead of rsh is easy, but there is some initial setup effort. We will discuss setup on the client end separately from the server end, after some general issues.

General Issues

Authentication using ssh can be setup two ways.

The first temptation when converting from rsh to ssh is to simply convert the .rhosts file on the cvsuser account to a .shosts file, and let users come in with ssh instead of rsh. However in this configuration, no remote-user-name information is available to the cvs server end, and we cannot do user-based authentication in the fashion that our existing setups tend to use.

So using an authorized_keys file with one key per user is recommended, and this is what is described below.



If your users coming in via ssh are showing up as the cvs server account rather than their own user name, check that "/usr/local/bin/ssh-add" is of recent vintage.