Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory’s Work for Others Program

Work-for-Other agreements(WFOs) are a mechanism through which industry can utilize the unique expertise and facilities at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. In this type of arrangement the industrial sponsor pays 100% of the cost of the work to be performed by Fermilab. Under certain conditions, a company may take title to inventions created by Fermilab under the WFO. Some key points in such arrangements include product, general and IP indemnification, advance payment requirements and the fact that Fermilab may not compete with the private sector for such work. Work to be performed by Argonne via a successfully funded SBIR/STTR proposal is also a WFO; however, in this case, it is federally funded and different terms will apply.

Generic DOE WFO Process

  Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Joint Industry Sponsor
  • Review WFO Proposal Package
  • Prepare the appropriate forms for the DOE review/approval process
  • Identify unique area of mutual interest
  • Draft the scope of work to be performed by Fermilab
  • Submit the WFO Proposal Package
  • Identify In-house Project Support
  • Draft Statement of Work (SOW) with milestones
  • Submit WFO information to DOE Operations Office
  • Send Draft WFO Agreement to Sponsor
  • Review Draft WFO Agreement
  • Negotiate WFO Terms
  • Prepare Final WFO Agreement
  • Review final WFO Agreement
  • Obtain necessary DOE approvals
  • Approve WFO Agreement
  • Execute WFO Agreement
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