Partnering with Fermilab



Strategic Partnership Project (SPP) agreements, formerly referred to as Work for Others (WFO), provide an excellent way for companies, universities, and other institutions to access the unique facilities, technologies, and expertise available at Fermilab on a project-specific basis. Under an SPP agreement, a Partner can pay full cost recovery for unique laboratory services and receive these benefits:

  • Retain right to elect title to Subject Inventions
  • Protect generated data as proprietary
  • Opt for a limited government R&D license (certain restrictions apply)


A Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) provides a way for DOE laboratories to engage in collaborative research and development agreements with both public and private entities, for the mutual benefit of both parties. Under a CRADA:

  • The Lab and the Partner may share costs or the Partner may pay the 100% of the costs
  • The Lab and the Partner may elect to own inventions
  • Partner has the right to negotiate exclusive license to Lab inventions
  • Generated data can be protected up to five years

For more information on these agreements or to obtain copies of model agreements, contact OPTT at