Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs)

CRADAs are cooperative research and development agreements between Fermilab and industrial partners that contribute to the goals of each party. A CRADA may be cost shared between the industrial partners and Fermilab or may be 100% funded by the industrial partners. While it is generally the case that companies are able to retain rights to their own inventions made under a CRADA, there are exceptions. Similarly, the rights to intellectual property created by the Laboratory under a CRADA are retained by Fermilab. However the industrial partner does have an option to license Fermilabís inventions. It is best to defer to Partnerships and Technology Transfer or the Legal Office in all discussions of intellectual property rights.

Generic DOE CRADA Process

  Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Joint Industry Partner
  • Researchers discuss ideas
  • Identify area of mutual interest
  • Draft a research plan
  • Generate CRADA Proposal package
  • Review CRADA Proposal Package
  • Develop and complete Joint Work Statement (JWS)
  • Forward draft CRADA to prospective partner
  • Identify In-house Project Support
  • Draft Statement of Work (SOW) with milestones
  • Submit JWS to DOE Operations Office
  • Review Draft CRADA
  • Negotiate CRADA Terms
  • Prepare Final CRADA
  • Review final SOW
  • Obtain necessary DOE approvals
  • Approve CRADA
  • Execute CRADA
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